They Were an Item #70

Andrew Prine and Karen Kupcinet


Tommy O'C said...

I remember Andrew Prine. And she was Irv Kupcinet's daughter, strangled in her West Hollywood apartment, Thanksgiving Day, 1963. The case was never solved. She was romantically involved with Prine at the time of her death. He was one of many questioned and released. Earlier that day, she had dined with "Lost in Space" star Mark Godard and his wife.

swac said...

Funny, last night I was watching one of those 42nd Street trailer compilations and up came Simon: King of the Witches.

An odd career, but he sure knew how to keep busy.

Cinebeats said...

Fascinating stuff and great picture.

I just rewatched Simon King of the Witches w/Prine last week and he's been on my mind a lot lately. I didn't know a thing about Karen Kupcinet, but this picture sent me searching the www for more info.