Signs and Meaning in Cinema #16

The Knack ...and How to Get It (1965)
Signs: The Knack ...and How to Get It
(Richard Lester; 1965)


The Wife said...

Oh, what a great, great underrated film, by a great, great underrated director!

I seem to remember watching a documentary that pointed out the similarities between Richard Lester and Louis Malle (especially a film like "Zazie dans le Métro").

Must watch it again - thanks for reminding me!

Kyle said...

yes, it's a interesting movie. the end part of the movie is strange, but it makes me like it even more. I've caught it on tv every once in a while.

Richard Gibson said...

Love it!

thedentist said...

What about another neglected Richard Lester treasure, "The Bed Sitting Room"?

Where's Criterion when we need them?

swac said...

I think The Bed Sitting Room is coming out soon...I know there will be a Region 2 DVD out in the UK on May 25.

thedentist said...

Have you seen "Room"? Ralph Richardson, Michael Hordern, Arthur Lowe, PLUS Pete & Dud! Wow.

Tom Sutpen said...

I've seen The Bed Sitting Room a couple of times. Brilliantly made, as usual, but by the same token it's deeply unfocused; almost as unfocused as Help! (which is saying a lot). What sets it apart from the other (relative) misfires Lester directed in the 60s . . . and there were only two others: the aforementioned Beatles hoe-down and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum . . . is both its ambition (nothing less than the Goon Show vision of the apocalypse) and the sense one gets that Lester realized he was, to some small extent, in over his head; that this wasn't going to be the 'Testament film' (a little auteurist lingo to brighten up your Monday morn') he might have at one point imagined it would be.

Still and all, it's worth seeing once (twice, even). And for those who don't want to plunk down the coin for a DVD, I believe it's on TCM's schedule for some time in the next month or two.


You didn't, by any chance, find this screengrab over at LiveJournal's 'Film Stills' site, did you?

thedentist said...

Thanks, Tom, for the perceptive comments, and for the TCM alert.

The film's coming up in about three weeks:

Cinebeats said...

Nope Tom, it's my own screen grab from my Flickr gallery.

And thanks for that TCM alert! The Bed-Sitting Room is one of the Lester films I haven't seen myself yet.

Tom Sutpen said...

Yikes! Then dig this (from October, 2006):

Scroll down til you see the relevant screencap.

Great minds, etc.

Eerie. :)