Old New York #35

The Flatiron Building (1903)


Vanwall said...

Possibly the greatest building design, ever - a supremely elegant solution disguised as a simple block of offices.

swac said...

A friend of mine has an office in there (probably one of the smaller ones). Hopefully someday I'll get to visit it.

Guillaume Lanfray said...
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Guillaume Lanfray said...

I recall seeing a mini Flatiron Building in the Village, not far from Washington Square.

R.H. said...

1903. I'm surprised, I guessed it was at least ten years earlier: no automobiles.
Yes, and it's one heck of a building, a genuine landmark.

Mr DeBakey said...

is another flat iron building, the Gibson Block in Edmonton.
Much smaller.
It sat derelict for many years.
I remember it had a "Turkish Baths" sign above one door.