Housekeeping Matter #24:
Personal Thanks and Apologies from Your Tomáš

Look upon the following as my rising to a point of personal privilege:

Over the last, I would say, five to six weeks, this reporter has received numerous emails . . . as well as messages (through Facebook, MySpace, all kindsa internet fora) . . . touching on a variety of matters, most of them related to this blog. Not a torrent, mind you, just a sizable amount; with almost all requiring a response of one kind or another. At any rate, due to my overgrown work schedule and too many other bits-of-business/responsibilities, I have had neither the time nor, frankly, the energy to answer more than one or two of these in all those weeks. It is, yes, inexcusable; I don't say it isn't. For anyone who has written to me and is even a trifle miffed at waiting as long as you have with utter silence as my response heretofore, I can say 1) There are doubtless others who've been waiting longer (which I agree should not mitigate your mififfitude one milimeter); and 2) I'm extremely sorry for not addressing you directly, and for resorting to this shortcut.

Most of the outstanding requests I will try to get to as quickly as I can (not the most able standard of swiftness on even the best of days, I confess . . . and I don't wanna hear any 'Hire a Secretary' jokes from the Peanut Gallery), but I would be remiss were I not to thank those who sent in contributions to this here blog. I've received them all, and I can give every assurance there isn't a-one of them I won't be using. You have, then, our truest thanks.

I would also be remiss, this time on an epic scale, if I failed to mention our blog having received, on two occasions, the much-vaunted (and even coveted) Dardos Award . . . Yes, that Dardos Award; an enigmatic satellite of honor and self-replication, hurtling through cyberspace like a cross between a Pulitzer Prize and a Mormon chain letter. It had been my intention all along (and we're talking about more than a month's time here) to fulfill the Dardos mandate and select five blogs to stand as emblems representing our standard of blogospheric eggzellence . . . but I just couldn't get it together to get it done. In the coming weeks, however, it is my hope to introduce a new element to this oft-chaotic tapestry that will fulfill this function, and do so in a more enduring fashion.

In the meantime in between time, it is with gladdened heart and humbled bearing that I . . . hell, make that we; all four of us . . . extend our gratitude to Colin Geddes of the beautifully-named and quite wonderful Popcorn and Sticky Floors, and to one of the last true noblemen of an age that has seen and heard little of nobility, Glenn Erickson of DVD Savant (personal side note: Glenn, the Confidential cover was my screw-up entirely; no more than one of the hazards of not organizing images properly) for selecting this modest enterprise as one-fifth of their vision for what the blogosphere does, and does bloody well.

A special shout-out and thanks (in closing) to John Hodgman . . . he knows what for.

That is all.


Marshall P. Smith said...

Okay... I'm not one who've had any questions.

I will say I found this blog accidentally and have become a regular visitor. I love the originality.

Kudos to you Tom.

Mike said...

For god's sake, dude, just post the photos without apology. (And rethink being a MySpace,FaceBook, etc. member).

swac said...

We like Hodgeman. We also like PCs. Go figure.