Before and After #173: Winston Churchill




R.H. said...

Amazing that he was ever young.

Vanwall said...

He was already old - only a coupla years before, he was riding with the 21st Lancers against the fuzzy-wuzzies at Omdurman, broom-handle Mauser in one hand, and pad & pencil in the other. It was VC weather, with hails of bullets, one of which he took in the arm, rather badly - the perils of war reporting are invariably harder on gentleman callers, but that's expected of a Marlborough.

This pic was taken after he'd escaped a prison camp in Pretoria, had then gone back as a war correspondent and was on a tour of the Ex-Colonies promoting his book about the Boer War.

Old, old, old already.

Bruno Leicht said...

You should see his mother!

Jennie Jerome