The Art of the Panel: EC #11

from Under Cover
(Written by Bill Gaines & Al Feldstein, illustrated by Wally Wood)
(Shock SuspenStories #6; Dec.-Jan. 1953)


Mr DeBakey said...

Racist & Sadist
What an exciting combo!

Bedwetter too, probably

Vanwall said...

"When better drawings are drawn, they'll be drawn by Wood, he's real gone"

EC for me, see?

Steven Augustine said...

She must have been spooning with a... Catholic!

swac said...

Or possibly a beatnik.

Daniel Poeira said...

Gaines, Feldstein and Wood... "they were collaborators" of the finest kind... I'm glad the mainstream and the art market never figured that out, or they would be ruinded to all of us by now.