The Art of Cinema #378

(Frank Tashlin; 1967)


swac said...

There were a number of poster designs for this one, but I've always been partial to half-sheets. Kind of a shame they did away with all the different poster formats, sometimes the half-sheets and inserts were more interesting than the regular one-sheet, which is pretty much all we have left today.

Flickhead said...

At the age of ten and a hardcore Bond junkie, I went to see this the weekend it opened. Too young to recognize the bizarre pairing of Doris with Richard (it's a nightmare variation on "Summer of '42"), I got into the ski chase and... wasn't there an Asian femme fatale (not named on the poster)?

Like Stephen, I miss the different shapes and sizes of posters. My favorites were the long, vertical ones -- inserts? But in '67 I had the Caprice one-sheet tacked on my wall.

I tried watching this a few years ago for the first time since '67. Excuse my poor Italian, but, oofah!

Another movie from that era I'd love to see again: Russell Rouse's Caper of the Golden Bulls.

Meanwhile, does this post tie in to some Tashlin renaissance going on? I seem to remember reading about him recently.

Christopher said...

Saw this as a little kid about the time it came out at the American Club overseas..It was a big hit with the kiddies... and everyone else as far as I could tell?!.but apparently it hasn't held up too well!..heh heh