The Art of American Fantasy #32


Maureen said...

Does anyone remember Winky Dink and drawing on your TV screen to rescue him in his dilemmas?

Christopher said...

Boy those were the days of Mail ordering!...You'll get it when you get it...IF you get it!..
..Wonder how many kids sent off for that thinking they were getting something like a real TV for only a buck? :op

rookgaroo said...

I never had a Winky Dink myself, Maureen. (There will be a brief pause to give anybody who reads this a chance to say "That's what she said!) But I heard the stories of other enterprising young kids who didn't have one, but didn't let that stop them from drawing on the screen. I think that's one of the reasons they were discontinued.

The sad thing about these toys that were viewed as rip-offs back in the day (perhaps because they were) is if kids had hung onto them, they'd be worth some cash on ebay.