Abandoned Places #10

Detroit Public Schools Book Depository
(Detroit, Michigan)


Timmy said...

is this the room where that guy shot Henry Ford from?

IchMagSieNicht said...

Best pic thus far! MORE!

Tommy O'C said...

This could be a modern art masterpiece. Bravo!

Fred said...

This looks more like a suppository than a depository. Does the phrase "asbestos remediation" mean anything in Detroit?

Rhys said...

Looks like an Anselm Kiefer painting.

Inukshuk said...


swac said...

"is this the room where that guy shot Henry Ford from?"
I thought Ford got shot at Lincoln Centre?

Shawn Micallef said...

Not sure -- but this may be the warehouse that recently put Detroit in the news, again -- some background on the story:


Ryan said...

Yeah, great photo! My band almost used a nearly identical photo (same location, but different picture) as an album cover.

swac said...

Wow Shawn, thanks for that link. Reading the story (and the comments which range from insightful to insane) just sucked up a whole half-hour. Interesting to read about Detroit as becoming some sort of ancient lost city where people can play hockey in frozen abandoned warehouses (the journalistic pissing match was just an added bonus).

jdg said...

image credit?

Cinebeats said...

There's been news stories about the wrecked school building of Detroit posted everywhere. A Google search brought this image up multiple times and there were no credits for it mentioned anywhere else as far as I could tell jdg. If the photographer wants their name mentioned I'd happy do so (please see other photos in the series).

jdg said...

yeah, it's very similar to the photos I have taken of that site for the past two years, but I think it's actually from flickr user "tedguy," an acquaintance of mine. I'll e-mail him to see.

I have seen my photos of that site end up on literally thousands of websites, and it's impossible to ensure proper credit. Eventually I just gave up, but I have so much respect for ICPWAG, I had to pipe up and say something. a lot of people post the photos you guys use without any further attribution than ICPWAG.

this is probably my most widely-viewed photo of the site:


though this one appeared in Harper's Magazine:


The story of what happened at that building can be read here:




Maria Angela said...

I love this photo. It's stunning.

Tom Sutpen said...


I want to clarify something, before a misimpression is created:

It's true people use a lot of the images that appear 'round these parts. They are, in fact, welcome to do so. I do not, however, ask that attribution be given to this blog. People are free to do so, or not, as they choose. It is not a requirement.

I just wanted to make that point because people (and they know who they are) who want us to weigh the images down with endless credits and plugs and bibliographic info and technical specs . . . all of whom, of course, say they love them some Gunslinger and wouldn't dream of sabotaging it (perish the thought) . . . will sieze upon that and accuse us of base hypocrisy. I'm cancelling that out now.


You don't have to explain anything. This series is one of the best things 'Gunslinger' has, in its 4 1/2 year life-span, featured. Believe me, people ought to be thanking you for using their stuff, not giving you grief over it.