They Were an Item #63
They Were Collaborators #538

Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood


Robert Fiore said...

By all rights, on the They Were an Item front, this should have been the start of a miniseries.

He Who How Was Isn't said...

Here's one of the Ideal Women of All the Known Universe, in a peak moment, and he's prettier than she is.
One of those rare instants where I think there may well be no God.

Tommy O'C said...

According to her sister Lana ("Plenty O'Toole" in "Diamonds Are Forever"), Warren did her, too, when she was a ripe old sixteen, if memory serves. Well, there was an era when one could say, who didn't he do? (Cue Carly Simon singing "You're So Vain.")

swac said...

Weird, I heard You're So Vain the other night, and someone asked me who I thought it was about. I've always gone with Beatty; one clue is the line about flying a Lear jet up to Nova Scotia (where I live, oddly enough). Beatty's mom Kathlyn is from Nova Scotia, and he would have had extended family here (the MacLean family...this being New Scotland and all). It'd be a pretty obscure reference otherwise.

Some have said Mick Jagger (who actually sings on he track). He flew to Nova Scotia once too, but it was to slap an injunction on Robert Frank, after he showed Cocksucker Blues without the proper authorization at the local art college where he was teaching. Anyway, I think that happened after the song was written.