People Who Died #47

Guy Debord


Le Samouraï said... don't happen to have any more Situationist photos do you? I am a pretty big fan

- Mark Malazarte

Dario said...

Yeah, there should be a series just for Debord/Situationist pictures. I've never seen this one before.

Tom Sutpen said...

Mark and Dario (sounds a little like Zabriskie Point, doesn't it):

I'd be perfectly happy to build an entire series around the Situationist phenomenon . . . I just don't have enough material for one. For example, I just chanced upon this photo of Debord somewhere on the internet a day or two before it was posted. He would have been an earlier entry in this series, or another, but unfortunately everyone has been using the same 2-3 photos of the guy, and I try to avoid posting images of anyone that are a little too commonly used (which is not to say that I haven't done that over time; just that I like to avoid it if it's possible).