Nuns Gone Wild! #8

Original Caption:

Milwaukee -- Three nuns, all members of the faculty at Mt. Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, look over one of the models at a viewing of the fall and winter collection of pace-setting designers Ronald Amey and Joseph Burke. The nuns, members of the Order of the School of Sisters of Notre Dame, are Sister Mary Remy, head of the college's art department; Sister Mary John Francis, president of the college; and Sister Mary Aloyse, coordinator of the school's design course. Sister Mary Aloyse had a special intereset in the showing: she helped with some of the stitching, cutting and designing that went into the new collection. (1966)


Rabbi von Sydow said...

Now that's a wicked Nun ;-)

Susan said...

But... but... but... there are four women in habits in the picture. Which one is not a nun?