The Heretofore Unmentioned #52

Jelly Roll Morton


Tom Sutpen said...

We . . . or at least I . . . officially have a mystery on our hands here.

Up to this very moment, I would have bet every dollar I've made, and all that may be forthcoming, on the proposition that Jelly Roll Morton had made it into this blog at least once, in our 'Present Day Composer' series (and I was thinking he'd actually been featured more than that). In fact, I was all prepared to leave an 'ain't I the clever boy' comment here along the lines of, "Run a search on Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe. Haw haw haw!", since that (his name under the color of law) is what I clearly recall entering him as in that series.

Until, of course, I ran the search myself.

Either my memory is playing serious tricks on me, or there's been some strange and unspeakable monkeyshines worked on this here blog.

Is . . . a puzzlement!

(p.s. Thanks for doing the entries today, compadre. Ah had neither the time nor the energy for more than the lead-balloon Updike Obit entry)

swac said...

I too did those searches, and likewise I thought he had been included somewhere, but nothing turned up. I initially thought I'd include him under Composer or maybe Cool Hall of Fame, but when I could find no previous entry I decided to go with Unmentioned. A mystery indeed.

And now that I finally have PhotobucketPro, there'll be more entries on a regular basis (especially if things at work keep progressing the way they do).

Rhys said...

Unforgivable unmentioned. He invented Jazz! 1906!...on a Sunday!!!

Joe said...

I thought I remembered seeing Jelly and his Red Hot Peppers in "American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s." I was wrong. He was not humble, but he had much to be not humble about.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Robert Fiore said...

Now appearing nightly in Heaven's finest whorehouse.

BlizzB said...

Yes, he invented jazz LOL One of America's greatest original composers. Should be always mentioned along with Charles Ives, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, Morton Feldman and John Cage.