Annals of Crime #58

Original Caption:

Find Teen Gang's Victim in River

New York -- Members of the ruthless Brooklyn teen-gang accused of sadistic murders and beatings for "thrills" identify the body of a Negro man found August 19th in the East River as one of their alleged victims. All four of the teenagers identified the body as that of Willard Menter, a father of two children, who police say they tortured and killed August 16th. Identifying the body for Police Lt. Vance Barkinson (kneeling) are: Robert Trachtenberg, 15, (Left, light coat, dark pants); Jack Koslow, 18; (plaid shirt, left); Melvin Mittman, 17 (Center, polo shirt); and Jerome Lieberman, 17, (Behind Lt. Barkinson). Koslow, described as the ring leader of the kill-for-thrill gang, almost fainted when he saw the body. (1954)

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