Aftermath: Japan #6

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Hiroshima: Ten Years Later.

Hiroshima -- "I'm Just Waiting For Death." Those are the words of Mrs. Yoskio Nishikawa, 43, bedridden "A-Bomb widow" who lives on $22 a month in charity. Yukiko, 15, one of her four children, cools her forehead with a wet towel as the 70-pound widow rests in their nine-foot square room, part of a frame charity home housing families of 20 widows. A small wooden Shinto shrine, in memory of her blacksmith husband who was killed while riding to work, occupies a place of honor. Mrs. Nishikawa suffers from radiation effects because she combed the city searching for her husband after the bomb fell. She has a bad heart and liver trouble. (1955)

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nyc_denizen said...

Devastating photo, heart-achingly so.