Adventures in American Filmmaking #113

Today's Adventure: Howard Hawks sizes up Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo. (1959)


Brent McKee said...

"My eyes are up here Mr. Hawks."

Mr DeBakey said...

That's a fun film
I can watch it anytime

And Angie
I don't understand how she didn't become an sex symbol
[as they used to call 'em]

I mean look at her
And in The Killers & in Point Blank


Hans Gruber said...

Well, she was a sex symbol, but I guess in a lesser way than - let´s say - Raquel Welch.

swac said...

Pepper went undercover.

Mick said...

OMG! Angie was as perfect as a Wally Wood drawing.

WEISSMAN said...

"Angie was as perfect as a Wally Wood drawing."

Holy smokes! Good eye!

David said...

One of my favorite quotes of his in "Hawks on Hawks" was how he described Frances Farmer - "She used to come to my boat for the weekend with nothing but a toothbrush and an extra sweatshirt. Its a shame what happened to her..."

Daniel Poeira said...

Why did women stop dressing up like this?