Signs and Meaning in Cinema #11

Signs: The Naked Kiss
(Samuel Fuller; 1964)


Vanwall said...

Personally, I prefer the signs and maenings of the opening scene in this one, where the bald hooker is beating her pimp with a high-heeled shoe.

anodyne Brownie said...

thanks for that Vanwall:
that scene could go on a loop with the hooker getting the Drano in the limo, and that 70's Long Goodbye scene with the Coke bottle smash-in-the-face, with "People who love people' as a sound-track.

and Sam Fuller was A Man.

Vanwall said...

This film prolly took the honors for disturbing on so many levels, for not just 1964, but for up to that point, and beyond for a number years, and especially, if for nothing more than including Betty Bronson in a film about so much evil.