Sex Education #116

Tuesday Weld


Henry said...

hi Tom Sutpen,

Instead of this if u provide some content or article,it will be helpful to all...i recently saw one article and please check out this Sex Education

Tom Sutpen said...

I'm going to curb, for the moment, my natural and all too justified suspicions, and assume that you mean this comment in good faith.

As far as Team Gunslinger is concerned, these images are our content. They, and their interaction with one another in the minds of those who visit, are what this blog is about. This is not an informational resource, nor it is a virtual gallery of the photographed and/or painted image. What you see is what you will always see; there is no "instead of".

Now, the fact that you rarely encounter anything but the most perfunctory text here is something conditioned by two immovable realities:

1) Our firm belief that these images speak for themselves.

2) There are enough people who absolutely despise my writing . . . particularly on the subject of cinema . . . that it is simply not worth my while to hand them any ammunition (besides, I've already got a standard film blog to showcase my writing . . . such as it is).

And thanks for the suggestion, but even if there were a photo of Ruth Westheimer showing skin (a spectacle only H.P. Lovecraft would dare imagine), I don't think she'd be a good candidate for this series. 'Heretofore Unmentioned'? Maybe. 'Sex Education'? Hell, no.

noir whaler said...

Tuesday for the win.