Harold Pinter Dies at 78

News announced at lunch time, UK time that Harold Pinter died.
Read The Times obituary here.


R.H. said...

He was a humourless pom, another one. Along with Osborne, Orton, and all that crowd.
'Life Is Boring.' Okay, say it, then shutup, don't make it a four act drama.
I saw 'The Birthday Party' on TV. What was it about? Nothing.
What was 'Waiting for Godot' about? Nothing again. No wonder Pinter and Beckett were good pals. You bet. And gushed over by the wine and cheese set too. Hmm. That says plenty.

Testify said...

Humourless!! The Birthday Party is very funny! And dark. And menacing.
Pinter's plays created a new dramatic landscape and his screen plays always had class too. See The Servant for example.
To his credit Pinter appeared to become more politically radical with age.

Christmas Day '08 also saw the death of milly-o-naire lover Eartha Kitt.

R.H. said...

The Servant was good, but who do I thank for it, the author, director, screenwriter, actors? Bogarde was good in anything. Harold Pinter was a misanthrope, that's what I think. He liked the idea of people being humiliated. So did Orwell.
And it continues, always popular. Reality TV makes millions.

Testify said...

I can't agree with your assessment that Pinter 'liked the idea of people being humiliated'. In fact I would say the opposite was true. Pinter was a vigorous campaigner against torture (the ultimate humiliation)and these views informed works such as No Mans Land and New World Order.

R.H. said...

I'm thinking of 1984 and The Birthday Party: disgust, despair; revolting human animals, we sweat, fart, whimper....

But okay, my opinion.

Corey Taché said...

"The Homecoming" is maybe the funniest play I've ever seen. May his work find an ever-widening audience.

anodyne Brownie said...

adulterer and homewrecker.

how much do we have to forgive
the talented?

Testify said...

For heavens sake, the body isn't even cold yet!
Yes, Vivien Marchant suffered and, yes, Daniel Brand suffered too. However even Merchant's close friends confirmed Pinter "did everything possible to support" her until her death and regrets that he became estranged from their son, Daniel. But, really, even if he hadn't lets be grown up about this we all know being a faithful man is not the same as being a great artist (which Pinter most assuredly was).
Sorry if I sound cross but I sincerely believe that Pinter deserves a better epitaph than 'adulterer and homewrecker'. He expanded the language of drama!! His influence on the theatre is immeasurable!! Show some respect is all.

R.H. said...

Pardon Miss Brownie, she's an ornery gal where cheatin' hearts prosper. My view of Mr Pinter comes largely from a sadist acquaintance (unfortunately) of mine who ADORED The Birthday Party.