The Art of Jazz #81

See You at the Fair
(Ben Webster)
(Impulse! Records; 1964)


fairlyoldguy said...

My Delmore Schwartz anecdote:
I attended Syracuse U. in the 60's, and Delmore Schwartz lived in an apartment across the alley from me. One day, I was playing this album (on a Webcor mono player, by the window) and Schwartz yelled out his window to me to turn it down. That's all.

PS: When I think of "The Three Tenors", I don't think of opera singers, I think of Hawkins, Webster, and Young.

swac said...

Great story!

Oddly enough, today my neighbour told me to turn down the Art Blakey/Thelonious Monk record I was blasting. Heathen.