Annals of Crime #52

Original Caption:

Freed on Bond in Death of Coed.

New York -- Angelo 'Mike' Morelli, 27, leaves Bronx County Courthouse with his attorney, Judge Francis X. Mancuso, after his release on $10,000 bond in connection with the Greenwich Village murder of NYU coed Anne Yarrow. Morelli, a haberdashery salesman, had been listed by police as a "prime suspect" in the February 6 rape-slaying. He was taken into custody February 9th when police learned that Miss Yarrow, 23, had written a letter to her father a few hours before her death saying she was going to meet her new boyfriend "Mike." Morelli denied he knew Miss Yarrow but said he was acquainted with Herta Payson, in whose apartment Miss Yarrow was raped and stabbed 37 times. (1955)


Rayven said...

Turns out that he was innocent and Anne was murdered by a 25 yr old "wood-finisher" (William Patrick Farrell) that had followed her back to the apartment.......lotsa "Mikes" in NYC

Karri said...

Does anyone know what happened to William Patrick "Chuck" Farrell that murdered Ann?

The last I knew is after his arraignment in Felony Court before Magistrate Jack L. Nicoll, he was committed to Bellevue Hospital for mental observation at the request of Benjamin Schmier – his Legal Aid Society Lawyer. Farrell was eventually sent to the Matteawan Hospital for the Criminal Insane.