Adventures in the National Pastime #10

Original Caption:

Carl Erskine Tearing Down Ebbets Field

Brooklyn -- Former Dodger pitcher Carl Erskine pretends he's back on the mound, using a one ton demolition ball to pitch with, at Ebbets Field, February 23. The iron demolition ball, painted with stitching like a regulation horsehide, was used to start tearing down the ballfield, where the Brooklyn Dodgers played for 43 years. Erskine, who pitched two no hitters at the park, was among several former Dodger greats on hand for the sad ceremonies. Ebbets Field soon will be the site of a huge middle income housing project. (1960)


Campaspe said...

Oh god. As a Brooklynite that one hurts, bad.

swac said...

A friend of mine grew up in that housing project...I think she might have even gone to an elementary school named after Jackie Robinson that was also build in that neighbourhood.