Adventures in the Fight Racket #27

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Chicago -- Musician Lucky Thompson holds sheet music as Archie Moore strums out the tune of "Too Young" on a ukulele in his hotel room here, November 28th. Moore, in training for his scheduled heavyweight title bout, November 30th, against Floyd Patterson, apparently shows no concern over the fact that he has been sued for $750,000 on breach of promise and assault charges. Three suits, filed in Federal court, were on behalf of Mrs. Dolree Mapp of Ohio, and her daughter, Barbara Bivins, 12. Barbara is the daughter of former heavyweight Jimmy Bivins, and was adopted by Mrs. Mapp. (1956)

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Mike said...

Dolree was the defendant in Mapp vs. Ohio which defined search law in the US for a time. That case began with a search for a suspect in the attempted bomb murder of Don King. (BTW, leering press to the contrary, Moore was not having sex with the twelve-year-old but with her mother who sued for breach of promise. The case was eventually thrown out.)