Welcome to Show Business! #9

Original Caption:

New York -- Rudy Vallee, who at 75 is not the retiring type, relaxes backstage during a recent appearance at Copperfield's, a New York nightclub. Vallee, the 'Vagabond Lover' of the Prohibition era, started the Crooner generation with a Raccoon coat and a megaphone. The wavy-haired Yale graduate is credited with being the first popular singer to close his eyes while warbling love songs. In the early days of network radio, his "Heigh Ho, Everybody" was a trademark. In a week's run at the club, Vallee offered a two hour show with a 15-minute intermission. He sang, told jokes, showed slides of various highlights and high points in his career. He reportedly hopes to tour the country with his one man show. (1976)

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