Friends and Family #45

Original Caption:

Detroit -- Surrounded by detectives who examined his bullet-punctured body, Harry Millman, former 'Purple' gangster, lies lifeless in his still-warm blood on a bar room floor, rubbed out by rival mobsters. Because of his repeated escapes from conviction in ten years of crime marked with charges of extortion, armed robbery and kidnapping, Millman was known to the underworld as 'Lucky.' The gunmen who finally caught up with him early this morning also wounded four bystanders. (1937)


Business or Leisure? said...

Luck be to thee, unnamed bystanders.

rookgaroo said...

From the days when newspaper reporters had to be writers. Sheer poetry. I especially like the way he simply tells us that this guy's nickname was "Lucky" and then leaves it to the readers to make up their own jokes.