Adventures in the Fight Racket #26

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He Tried.

New York -- Battered, and bruised, his moon face swollen, Tony Galento is pictured in his dressing room after waging an unsuccessful fight for Joe Louis' heavyweight title. Tony was in such bad shape in the fourth round of the scheduled 15 round go that referee Arthur Donovan stepped in and stopped the slaughter. But, and Tony's grandchildren will hear the tale, not before he had the brown bomber, the super champion, the amber assassin, etc., down on the deck. Galento's Special, that long looping left of his, floored the champion for the count of two in the third round. (1939)


Joe Thompson said...

Short, fat, and overweight -- Two Ton Tony an athletic inspiration to many of us. He trained on spaghetti and beer. My kind of guy.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Brent McKee said...

And he knocked out Jackie Gleason once. That has to count for something.