When Legends Gather #470

Paul Simon and Lou Reed


neuroglyphix said...

i would love to know what they are talking about. it looks like a lukewarm argument.

unexpectedly perfect.
that's this blog in a nutshell.

Peter Nellhaus said...

Simon and Reed were together in the film Simon wrote, One Trick Pony. Just adding a little context here.

Mac said...

A damn great movie, too. Still criminally unavailable on DVD, I think.

But if they're about to come to blows here, my money's on the junkie over the shrimp, as always. (Gentile celebrity smackdowns aren't as easy a call, generally)

Lex10 said...

"you suck!"
"no- YOU suck!"

Tommy O'C said...

Yeah! Reed is calmly explaining, "I just think your music sucks, that's all."

And 'Simon says,' "I said your music sucks first, so it doesn't count."