When Legends Gather #465

Charles Chaplin and Mayor John V. Lindsay


Flickhead said...

Perhaps he was getting pointers from Charlie about his performance in Rosebud...

Tom Sutpen said...

Mayor Lindsay: So, uh, Mr. Chaplin. You know, when I'm done with the Mayor's office I'll be moving into your line of work.

Chaplin (eyebrows elevated): Oh, yeah? Which one's that?

Mayor Lindsay (brightly): You know . . . the movie business!

(Chaplin spews coffee like Danny Thomas, doubles over; Mayor Lindsay pounds on the old man's back)

Mayor Lindsay: What'sa matter; what'sa matter?

Chaplin (recovering): Nothing, I'm . . . I swallowed a sugar cube. (long pause) Ssssso, you're going to . . . direct?

Mayor Lindsay: No, no no. Act!

Chaplin (muttering under his breath): . . . oh, thank christ . . .

Mayor Lindsay (enthusiastically): Yeah. Bess Myerson says I have the makings of a matinee idol; just like Ramon Novarro back in your day.

Chaplin (way under his breath): . . . you motherfucker . . .

Mayor Lindsay: Matter'a fact, I've already got my first part lined up.

Chaplin (pause; eyes narrowing): I . . . can't wait.

Mayor Lindsay: I'm in Otto Preminger's next picture. What? What happened? What's funny?

Chaplin (barely restraining his laughter): No, nothing. I was just, uh . . . just thinking about something else. Otto Preminger, you say?

Mayor Lindsay: Yup. By the way, how's he to work with? I mean, what do you hear?

Chaplin (patting Lindsay on the shoulder): A real pussycat; and right at the top of his game, too. You're gonna love it.

Mayor Lindsay: Thanks!

(Chaplin wanders over to Herman Badillo, mutters to himself, "friggin' amateurs . . . ")

Flickhead said...


Fred said...

I'm wondering if Lindsay hit Chaplin for a few bucks to help bail out the City he almost single-handedly bankrupted. As bad an actor as Lindsay he, was a veritable thesbian compared to the rotten job he did as mayor. Abe Beame may have been a party hack, but he took all the blame for Lindsay's mismangement.