Tricky: Scenes from a Life #61

Tricky debates (1960)


Mark said...

TV viewers of the debate found his performance to be a shadow of what radio listeners thought it was.

R.H. said...

TV viewers saw the five o'clock shadow.

Tommy O'C said...

Producer Don Hewitt wanted Nixon to wear make-up because he knew how bad he'd come across on TV and didn't want to be accused of bias. Nixon refused, thinking it was unmanly.
JFK is said to have accepted--not that he needed it.

Inukshuk said...

Heard that Nixon somehow didn't shave, so he didn't have a "clean" look compared to JFK's sun-tanned look (related to his medication of corticosteroids - Addison's disease).

Just found your excellent site. Great work, folks!

(did use some of the photographs on my blog - I managed to mention where the pictures come from)