Marilyn in Action #3

Marilyn points


R.H. said...

I've been waiting for this (to be on topic).

According to our TV news last week a roll of amateur 8mm film has been found showing Marilyn on the set of Some Like It Hot. It was done by an Aus Naval officer she invited onto the set. He has lately died, and relatives (being what they are) discovered it among his belongings and realised its value.
In speculating what it may be worth the report said that similar footage from the Misfits fetched $60,000, and I don't know if that's Aus or US but this find is expected to bring more.
And I wouldn't mention this (except to stir things up a bit) but it was also said that Some Like It Hot is America's most popular comedy film.

(Goodness me.)

Love to all,

Tom Sutpen said...

Much love in return, Robert.

Some Like It Hot, I believe, topped one of those dopey lists the American Film Institute slapped together a few years ago. Good as Wilder's film is, you should pay such honors no heed.

What's with all the footage of Marilyn Monroe surfacing lately? If it's not something shot by some joker on the set of one of her pictures, it's some pre-stardom stag reel.

Funnily enough, during an image safari I conducted the other day, I ran across a photo of Monroe I had never seen before: Her autopsy photo. Needless to say, it won't be posted here, but to give you some idea of this blog's primacy in my thoughts at times, I will tell you that while half of me was recoiling in disgust, the other half was trying to think up a pithy caption.

I don't say this is admirable, friends.

swac said...

I've seen that autopsy photo (I forget which book it's in) and if there was ever an image I wish I could un-see, that would be high on the list.

As for this image, I heartily endorse all shots of Marilyn being pointy.

Fred said...

Stop Arthiritis? How? My wrist is aching at that picture.

R.H. said...

The autopsy photo was on the front page of a major Sydney newspaper about twenty years ago, there were no complaints.