The City: Reno #3

Original Caption:

Reno -- In Reno to obtain a divorce from David A. Milton of New York, is Mrs. Abby Rockefeller Milton, as she leaves the lobby of the riverside Hotel on her way to Lake Tahoe where she will establish residence (1943)


R.H. said...

'Establish residence.'

Does that mean she'll live there?

Tom Sutpen said...

In a word, yes. Reno used to be known as America's divorce capitol because legal residence in the state of Nevada only took (I believe) six weeks to establish, whereupon you could get a rapid-fire divorce. Of course, only the wealthy were able to afford all this, and Reno made lotsa revenue by casting itself as a resort for that endeavor.

For more information I would direct you to Messrs. Wheeler & Woolsey's 1931 treatise, Peach-O-Reno.

R.H. said...

I see, well I didn't realise she was doing it for legal reasons; I thought it was just a very 19th century way of saying she'd be living there.

swac said...

I second Peach O'Reno, I got to see that one on a big screen in Syracuse and it killed. You watch these things at home on the tube by yourself and you wonder if anyone else would find this stuff funny, but it's a whole other story in a crowded theatre.

Same with Clark & McCulloch shorts.

R.H. said...

Mexican Spitfire was on here last night, 2:20 am until 3:25, very short film. I thought it was funny, in its way.