Artists in Action #416

Original Caption:

Folk singer questioned.

New York -- Banjo-playing folk singer Pete Seeger, 36, appears at the HUAC hearing August 18th in New York, as the committee continued its investigation into the entertainment industry. Seeger said the committee had no right to pry into his personal affairs. he said he loves his country "very dearly" and insisted he has never done anything of a conspiratorial nature. Otherwise he declined to answer questions. Here Seeger shows what he is best at, playing banjo and heartily singing. (1955)


Jared said...

Arguably, what he's best at is standing up to authority.

Vanwall said...

Fuckin' A right, jared. The man had stones and plenty of sand.

Tom Sutpen said...

Still does. The man's stamina at his age is awe-inspiring.