Vaudevillians #6

W.C. Fields

Men of the West #30

Ben Johnson

When Legends Gather #458

Peter Lorre and John Gilbert

Friends and Family #42

Original Caption:

John Roselli, a reputed underworld figure from the days of Al Capone, arrives under tight security to appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to testify about his connection with the CIA and an alleged 1961 plot to assassinate Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. (1975)

S is for Steichen #9

Ed Wynn

Before and After #148: Julie Christie



The Present Day Composer #67

Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

Annals of Crime #36

Original Caption:

Mississippi -- Elmer Kimbell of Glendora, Miss., being held for the shotgun slaying of Negro service station attendant Clinton Melton on December 3rd, has refused to say "whether I did any shooting or not." Authorities say he earlier claimed to have shot in self defense. Kimbell was wounded himself but a witness says Melton was not armed at the time of the shooting. (1955)

Artists in Action #431

Andy Warhol studies his 1965 psychodrama Beauty #2

Seminal Image #866

Barry Lyndon
(Stanley Kubrick; 1975)

Nuns Gone Wild! #1

Original Caption:

Grayland -- Three nuns play in the ocean surf near Grayland, Washington. They were part of a group of seven nuns who were able to spend a week at the seashore as part of a new vacation program. (1960)

This Week's Weegee #44

The City: Reno #5

Original Caption:

Reno -- Sammy Davis Jr. offers cake to Bill Harrah, from an exact replica of Harrah's 250-room, $27 million hotel-casino. Davis acted as master of ceremonies at the dedication luncheon, Nov. 10, as his wife, Altovise, looked on. (1973)

Fun at Bohemian Grove #33

Bohemians struggle with a redwood (1895)

When Legends Gather #457

Walter Winchell, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable

Paul Newman dies at 83

The wire obit can be read here.

Seminal Image #865

(Andrei Tarkovsky; 1979)

Action, Now! #2

Original Caption:

Placards at Entrance to White House Grounds.

Washington -- Several placards were carried by women, seeking the release of political prisoners at the entrance of the White House grounds recently. The General Amnesty Committee is behind the movement, and presented the President with a petition on July 20 said to have been signed by one million people throughout the United States. (1922)

Artists in Action #430

Eddie Cochran browses

I Like the Christian Life! #3

Original Caption:

Chicago -- Evangelist Billy Graham speaks to members of 18 rival gangs in a youth center in Chicago, June 9. Gang leaders sat in the front rows and their lieutenants and members took seats behind them. "Jesus was a tough guy," Graham told them. The teen-agers, some 175 in all, listened quietly and not one of them left until Graham had finished. (1962)

Tricky: Scenes from a Life #62

Tricky resists hypnosis (1969)

The Art of the Panel: EC #1

from Death's Double-Cross
(by Wallace Wood)
(Crime SuspenStories, #1; Oct-Nov, 1950)

Artists in Action #429

Maurice Chevalier waves

An Illustrated History of American Labor #10

Original Caption:

New York -- A striker points out something of interest to Rev. John M. Corridan, S.J., Associate Director of the Xavier School and adviser to dock strikers. The Rev. Corridan, a recognized expert in labor, said the Wildcat Dock Strike is largely a revolt against Joseph P. Ryan and the racketeers and mobsters along the waterfront. The Rev. also predicted that even if strikers return to work "an explosion is brewing on the waterfront which will make this strike seem like a picnic." (1951)

When Legends Gather #456

Boris Karloff and Joe Penner

Poets are both clean and warm
And most are far above the norm
Whether here or on the roam
Have a poet in every home! #35

Stephen Vincent Benét

Annals of Crime #35

Original Caption:

Burned-Up Suitor Burns Girl's Home.

Detroit -- William Sykes, a little man of mighty passion (he weighs 105 pounds) is shown, hands on hips, as he talks to detective Fred Wilkinson, who weighs somewhere between 300 and 400 pounds, questioning him in connection with a fire. The fire was in the home of Mrs. Lisette Adams who had kept company with Sykes while she was separated from her husband. Then she went back to hubby, William C. Adams. Mr. Sykes was spurned. He burned and finally set fire to the Adams home. March 3 (1955)

The Art of American Fantasy #20

They Were Collaborators #508

The Weavers

Aftermath: Japan #3

Original Caption:

Maidens of Hiroshima Look Ahead.

New York -- The Hiroshima Maidens, a group of Japanese girls brought to this country some months ago for plastic surgery to repair the scars inflicted by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, have begun their long medical ordeal at New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital. At left is Soyoko Kumatsu, who eats lunch from a tray brought to her by nurse Lona Miller. (1955)

Seminal Image #864

The Lost Weekend
(Billy Wilder; 1945)

They Were Collaborators #507


The Eye of Eudora Welty #2

Portrait of a Mature Woman (1935)

Welcome to Show Business! #7

Original Caption:

Hollywood -- Two of Hollywood's most dependable horror experts, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi, combine their terrorizing talents in the new "boy meets ghoul" chiller, "The Black Sleep." It marks Lugosi's return to the screen after his recovery from the narcotics habit. Lugosi, who achieved movie immortality as "Dracula," will play a mute in his comeback effort. (1956)

The Art of Cinema #336

Manhattan Melodrama
(W.S. Van Dyke; 1934)

Marilyn in Action #5

Marilyn blows

The Golden Age of Publicity #18

Original Caption:

London -- American actor Clint Eastwood finds himself at the mercy of three gun-toting gals upon his arrival at London Airport to promote his latest film. From left to right, the bare-legged banditos are Sandra Marshall, Anita McGregor and Susan Melody. (1967)

Artists in Action #428

Tuesday Weld eats a sundae.

Adventures in American Filmmaking #109

Today's Adventure: Leo McCarey peers.

Collect 'Em All #55

Randolph Scott
No. 40 in a series of 50 from Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes
Randolph Scott was born on January 23rd, 1903, in Orange, Virginia, and comes of an old Virginian family. His father was an engineer and he was destined for the same career, but on leaving college, he served in the Great War, and on demobilization, did not feel inclined to settle down to steady work straight away. While on holiday in California, he was given a job as 'noises off' in a film, and decided up on acting as his future career. After eight months with the Pasadena Community Theatre, he was given a film contract, and made his debut in Sky Bride. His latest talkies are The Last Round-Up and Wagon Wheels.

The Cool Hall of Fame #143
The Heretofore Unmentioned #31

Sarah Vaughan

Ben Shahn's American Life #17

Miner's Wives (1948)

The Art of Jazz #72

. . . a man and his Dream
(Artie Shaw)
(RCA-Victor Records; 1958)

When Legends Gather #455

Joey Adams, Eddie Fisher, Red Buttons, Morey Amsterdam, Gene Baylos, George Raft, Joe E. Lewis, Sam Levenson, Henny Youngman, Sid Caesar, Milton Berle and Jan Murray.