Welcome to Show Business! #3

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Turtleneck's Just a Little Stiff.

New York -- Actor Peter Lawford says "I love the whole change in men's clothes; the concept, I mean." In other words, Peter has gone mod, but he insists he's "Conservative Mod." Lawford is shown here in a recent photo, wearing an ultra-orange sweater with orange and yellow love beads. (1968)

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Vanwall said...

Went to a party at a friend of my parents about this time, and at least four men had this style or something very similar, all older successful businessmen with trophy wives. I was trying to figure out what the attraction was, 'cause it wasn't the mock turtle necks, (no beads in that crowd), and I was old enough to sense the underlying desperation there - then I realized who was really the alpha animal in their relationships. A sad thing to learn when you've still got the idealism of youth - suddenly, the pieces click into place, and you've looked into the abyss without realizing it.