Sex Education #106

Lee Remick


swac said...

She comes from Ireland
She’s very beautiful
I come from Brisbane
I’m quite plain
She’s from the mountains, so close to heaven
Clouds on her shoes, stars on her chest

I love Lee Remick, she’s a darling

She was in The Omen with Gregory Peck
She got killed, what the heck
Her eyes are like gems
She’s an actress for Screen Gems

I love Lee Remick, she’s a darling

Her hair’s red, but it’s not dye
If I touched her, I know I’d want to cry
My life is desperation, but it’s only infatuation

I love Lee Remick, she’s a darling

~ Lee Remick by the Go-Betweens

swac said...

Here's the song.

SomeNYGuy said...

She made "good goobie" an integral part of my vocabulary (via the TV miniseries of Haywire.)

A goddess. An icon of beauty. A funny, classy lady. And a really fine actress on both stage and screen.

"Anyone Can Whistle," Lee, but few as exquisitely as you.

Vanwall said...

I thought about that song at work when I saw this. "A Face in the Crowd" - some sort of apotheosis was reached withby her there; not sure just what kind, but it weren't no earthquake that rattled my brain.

Brent McKee said...

Lee Remick has always ranked at the top of my list of "most beautiful women in the world." She looked fabulous in this picture and seemed to look much the same until shortly before her far too early death. Love her quote too: "I make movies for grownups. When Hollywood starts making them again, I'll start acting in them again."

estiv said...

What. A. Face.

R.H. said...

A Face in the Crowd is just about my favourite American movie.

And it was prophetic: coarse and abusive as entertainment is at its height now. And what's more, the "King of Australian Television" (Graeme Kennedy) began a 'unique' career of deriding sponsor's products the year the movie came out. Coincidence? Sure. You bet.

R.H. said...

She's all-American, that gal, Midwest and Ohio.