P is for Pulp #24

Wall Street Stories
(March, 1929)


SomeNYGuy said...

There really are infinite varieties of porn, aren't there?

Was this magazine still publishing, oh, let's say six months later? Perhaps they switched to recipes for making tasty dishes out of worthless certificates.

Fred said...

Yes, the edition for October 29th featured the smashing novelette "Barry Connors Takes a Header from the 30th Floor". The cover was a delightful scene of all the folks featured on the March cover, standing around gawking at Connors' lifeless body splattered onto Wall Street.

Testify said...

I like the fact that the guys on the right look like they are flicking the V's (sign language for F&@k Off in the UK) to the chap in the centre. snigger.

R.H. said...

"Up yours!" that's what it means.

Or: "Up your arse!"

-Shortened from: "Up yours for the rent!"