Men of the West #25

Larry 'Buster' Crabbe


Peter L. Winkler said...

God, how I loved watching the Flash Gordon serials when I was nine, living in a small Arkansas town. They were broadcast every weekday on "Hart's Adventure Hour" broadcast from a station in Memphis.

Crabbe was actually a decent, sincere actor. He never condescended to the audience or played it for laughs.

swac said...

I've heard he was a pretty good Tarzan, but I've never seen any of those outings.

Vanwall said...

He was Buck Rogers, too - both the iconic fantasy/sc-fi comics are pretty much defined by Crabbe, a wonderful physical actor. He was also part of the long history of remarkable Hawaiian Olympic waterman - a wonderful swimmer and athlete, he was also a natural horseman. I grew up on TV retreads of his Flash/Buster incarnations, and his little westerns were often better than a lot of better-known B & C ones.