Isaac Hayes Dead at 65

Read the obituary from Reuters India, here.


Testify said...

R.I.P Black Moses

Mr DeBakey said...

I plugged my copy of Shaft into the DVD last night.
That opening sequence is one of the best ever.

The Special Features on my release of the DVD has a little behind-the-scenes film.
It includes sequences in the studio where Parks is working with Hayes & the band to put the soundtrack together.

The film itself - Its good, very good in some ways, but parts of it are dated now.
Especially the super-cool, take no shit Shaft persona; it seems a little forced today.

R.H. said...

Who dat dood?

swac said...

Frig, I go away into the wilds of Newfoundland for a week, and I miss this?

Weirdly, I included Hayes' Do Your Thing on the mix CD I made just for the trip.

His music helps make Shaft great for sure, I also enjoyed the use of some of his tunes (including a sublime Walk on By) in Dead Presidents.

I should rush home and put on my Truck Turner t-shirt post haste.