Friends and Family #38

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Gross Goes Free

New York -- His face wreathed in a broad smile, Harry Gross walks forth a free man today after serving four years as the mastermind of Brooklyn's $20,000,000 gambling empire. In tears, the one time bookie kingpin promised Kings County Judge Samuel Liebowitz to "live a clean and decent life." He is shown with attorney Michael Kern at federal court to plead for time to pay off a $2,500 income tax fine. He said he was broke. (1955)

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ArnoldtheAuk said...

Tom, Thanks for the amazing photo! I just found the half with Mike Kern -- my grandfather -- in my mother's papers. (The photo was hidden in a frame behind another one throughout my childhood. Defending gambling kingpins was not looked upon that favorably in my home.) I always wondered what Harry Gross looked like. Now I know.