Civic Portraiture #30

Roscoe Arbuckle


R.H. said...

Fatty's mugshot.

Voted all time best dressed.


R.H. said...

And why is mugshot fashion woefully ignored.

Tom Sutpen said...

It is nowadays, what with Nick Nolte and the late James Brown's portraits in that medium. You look at mugshots of even the lowliest of criminals back in the 20s and 30s and you'll see they always dressed to the nines (by comparison, that is).

The new trend in mugshots these days is to make it look like a high school yearbook photo. You know, put big smile on the kisser; act like it's a party, etc. Tom DeLay (former Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives) led the pack when he got nabbed by the feds a few years back; followed by equally gifted notables ranging from Rush Limbaugh to Shia LaBoeuf (or however that guy's name is spelled).

R.H. said...

Modern crims just don't honour the occasion.