They Were Collaborators #478

Peter, Paul and Mary


estiv said...

The arc of their popularity is probably a good example of what happens when you identify a precise location situated at a particular point somewhere in the swirling winds of the zeitgeist and then proceed to occupy it. You do beautifully for about five minutes.

In 1963 they were the biggest act in the US, and because of their openly left-wing politics and Bleeker Street hairstyles seen as cutting-edge, the wave of the future. By the middle of 1964 the Beatles had taken over (with no discernible politics and a brand-new hairstyle) and were leading the way into a very different possible future.

Fred said...

Paul Stuckey once hit on my ex-wife. I don't know whether to be flattered or offended.

R.H. said...

Fred, that's enormously funny.