Friends and Family #34

Original Caption:

Phoenix -- Bess Greenbaum, wife of Las Vegas gambling power and hotel owner Gus Greenbaum, lies trussed on the couch of their home. The body of her husband was found in a bedroom of the house. Both had their throats cut. The murder weapon, a butcher knife, lies at Mrs.Greenbaum's feet, with blade resting against the pillow. Phoenix police called the tragedy a double murder, but declined to say whether it was considered a possible gangland slaying. Greenbaum had a reputation for being a "square gambler". (1958)

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Vanwall said...

Phoenix always was crookeder than catshit if you pulled back the rug a little. Righteous Goldwater and junkie Greenbaum, a pair to draw to, and Barry was a Vegas-haunter, so you add it up. Greenbaum's sis-in-law was croaked, too - a bad guy to know. I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ near some of the questionable ranch-style-mansions, and there was an undercurrent of sleaze in that state that festered to the top on occasion.