Before and After #134: B.B. King




Fred said...

The Beale Street Blues Boy is one of the most talented, entertaining and nicest guys in the music business. Age and diabetes have taken its toll, but he still puts on a great live show, though not as energetic as in the old days.

A Human On Earth said...

Pre-Gibson days. In the before picture he's playing a Fender guitar.

estiv said...

Yeah, and that Fender is an Esquire, not a Telecaster, which I'm pretty sure was the least expensive Fender of its time. In contrast, the guitar in the second photo is the modified ES-355 that Gibson started making especially for the world-famous B.B. That's a very large difference.

I used to be on an e-mail list for blues lovers, and the consensus was that B.B. was the nicest blues star any of them had met, even though he must have a spine of steel to have survived his early years. A nice guy finishing first--how'd that happen?