The Art of Cinema #317

The Iron Curtain
(William A. Wellman; 1948)


Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

I've seen this movie. The plot ain't that amazing.

Brent McKee said...

What's amazing is that the whole thing is almost entirely true. Okay, so Igor Gouzenko's wife didn't look like Gene Tierney, but the tale of the cypher clerk who defected with a ton of proof that the Soviets were engaged in systematic espionage against their erstwhile allies (and remember he defected in September 1945, about five months after V-E Day) is entirely true. The truly amazing thing was how much difficulty he had in getting anyone in Ottawa to believe him. For the rest of his life, which lasted until 1982 he believed that the GRU and later the KGB were out to murder him. He never made a public appearance under his real name without wearing a hood over his head

swac said...

It's gotta be better than the film they made about Gerda Munsinger.