When Legends Gather #400

Peter Lawford, John Lennon, May Pang and Harry Nilsson


Mr DeBakey said...

Many years ago there was this fella named Orson Bean,
was on all the talk shows,
never did anything else that I could see
a professioanl celebrity

Has anyone ever seen Orson Bean & Peter Lawford
in the same room
at the same time?

SomeNYGuy said...

Orson had a nicer singing voice as well as two fully-formed arms (one of Lawford's was a bit withered.)

And Lawford probably consumed as many illicit substances in an evening as Bean did in a lifetime.

And to tie this into an earlier entry here, Orson had a show-stopping number in Subways Are for Sleeping: "I just can't wait 'til I see you with clothes on!" Lawford could make no such claim!

swac said...

Unfortunately, plans for Lawford to star in a Salt & Pepper follow-up with Yoko Ono titled Salt & Saffron never materialized.

rookgaroo said...

I wonder if this is the night they got tossed for heckling the Smothers Brothers.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Existing psychological issues, when enveloped by fame and wealth,

manifest in really bad behaviour.

Lennon and Nilsson wrote so many wonderful tunes, it's sad they both fukked-up. MTDSRIP.

Tommy O'C said...

We'd know for sure if Lennon had a Kotex on his head.

Roger said...

Harry's got the same get-up, Lennon has a black shirt under the jeans, and the Brandy Alexanders. Looks like the Troubador all right.