The Hitchcock/Truffaut Tapes #15

Under discussion in Part Fifteen: Rope (1948)


Nick Zegarac said...

Rope always gets bad reviews for Jimmy Stewart. Okay, in the context of the original narrative (where his Rupert is supposed to have had a homosexual affair with one of the young men who participated in the murder) he doesn't quite fit. But Stewart's a great sleuth, as it were. He's in his element.

I have to agree with screenplay writer Arthur Laurents though that Hitchcock ought to have left the film's opener a mystery. Laurents wanted everyone to be wondering "Is there or isn't there a body in that chest?"

Hitchcock give away the goods in the first reel. After that the story, though skillfully acted, loses some of its high stakes suspense.

swac said...

Check out the Rope trailer, it includes a scene with the victim and his fiance that's not in the film itself.