Great Canadians of the 20th Century #14

Stan Rogers


Brent McKee said...

So many great songs that have entered the Canadian song book - so many more that could have been.

swac said...

I find it nigh impossible that he was only 33 when he died. I mean, the guy looked like he possessed the wisdom of the ages and sang like a crochety old sailor in his late '50s. Being an East Coast-er, I find Rogers' stuff comes as close to the heart of Canadiana as his contemporaries who fared better with listeners south of the border, and songs like 45 Years From Now and Field Behind the Plow are as fine a folk tune as anybody has ever written.

Never got to see Stan while he lived, although an ex-roomie of mine got to hear him and his dad argue about politics and religion into the wee hours in their family's kitchen over a bottle of uisce beatha. At least I've gotten to know his brother Garnet over the years, a fine songwriter and guitarist in his own right.