The City: Miami #1

Original Caption:

Spectators watch the 'World's Largest Santa,' 65 feet in height, and a 70-foot Christmas tree during the formal lighting ceremony in Miami on the night of Thanksgiving Day. Sychronized to music, the display is lighted by more than a mile of multi-colored neon tubes. The tribute to the forthcoming Holiday, erected on the pedestrian bridge over Miami Avenue, was witnessed by a crowd estimated at 10,000 (1950)


Kingo Gondo said...

As a native South Floridian, thanks!

krylonultraflat said...


I miss Burdines.

Tom said...

Downtown Burdines is now a Macy's store. The top floors of the building on the left in the photo have been leased to Florida International University for a downtown campus. My son is attending there in a Master's program. The ground floor of the building on the right (which has been vacant for several years) was recently subleased to some young developers who hope to open a group of restaurants, stores and galleries. Flagler Street is on the verge of renaissance.

Thanks for these great memories