The Present Day Composer #59

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)


Filmbo said...

Present Day? Who's writing this blog... John McCain? =P

Tom Sutpen said...

All I can say in response is the following:

Check out the other entries in this series, note the similarities, then keep in mind the following relevant quote:

"The present day composer refuses to die"
-- Edgard Varese

Filmbo said...

Just giving you a hard time. Your site is quite invaluable, I just felt like being a little snarky this morning.

Tom Sutpen said...

No need to apologize. I'm so numbed to getting a hard time from our friends in the blogosphere that I no longer have a single illusion which leads me to expect anything else. My only surprise is that you weren't hiding behind a fake name, the way most of the people who snipe at us do.

Worry not, however. In the near future we'll have some news to report here that's guaranteed to put a bloody great big smile on the face of most of our fellow film bloggers (their moment of triumph is at hand).