Friends and Family #25

Original Caption:

Washington, D.C. -- This is the scene in the Senate Caucus Room today as Joseph Valachi testifies before the Senate Investigations Subcommittee. Valachi, who told investigators about his activities in the 'Cosa Nostra' crime syndicate, is also shown on the TV monitor at left. Members of the Committee are shown in background. (1963)


SomeNYGuy said...

Wasn't this shot reproduced exactly in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (original version)?

Tom Sutpen said...

Couldn't have been, since Manchurian Candidate predates these hearings by a year. This photo and the scene of Sen. Iselin interrupting the Senate hearing are similar, however, and it leads me to suspect that perhaps the wire service photographer who took it was in a creative mood that day.

SomeNYGuy said...

Of course, I failed to note the date on the photo! Eerie coincidence, though.